Monday, April 24, 2006

The Most Obnoxious Man in AmeriKKKa?

Petey's going to be awfully disappointed, not to say envious, because he was hoping to become a household gnome.

But the title goes to..... ME!

And Will is my insufferable DEPUTY JERK!

There is now an official "Gagdad Bob Derangement Syndrome."

This was actually on Dailykos last week. I only noticed it because I was fooling around with my site meter and noticed that someone had come straight from Dailykos over here. That was a first!:

The Most Obnoxious Man in America???
by kingfelix

Fri Apr 14, 2006

No, it's not Bush and it's not Cheney. It's Robert Godwin. Not heard of him? Well, this man, a clinical psychologist, continually attacks the left and liberals as mentally ill, as having pathologies, of being sick in their soul. He does this in a beautiful way, as he is undoubtedly intelligent, just severely severely skewed.

Go ahead and check out his latest post on his blog. Sample quotation:

"Leftism continues to be a children's crusade against the adult world, and we are in desperate need of adults who will stand up to the children and not worry about trying to be their "friends." As a parent, you simply have to do what you need to do, because children don't really know how to raise themselves. (If I had more time, this would be a good place to expand upon this vis-a-vis Will's comment below on the spirit of rebellion that animates the Left. This rebellion is an inevitable artifact of childhood, and is oedipal to the core. To gratify it is to create a monster.)"


(One Cosmos readers, determine for yourself if my observations in the above paragraph are ironically confirmed in the childlike comments that follow)

by gad
what a pompous twit.

by bumblebums
some people should never be educated
they just spew nonsense with fancy words and that fools the REALLY dumb people

by RumsfeldResign
how much does he get paid to say that filth? And by whom?
Follow the money!

by Tamifah
i think he does it from a sense of duty which is perhaps more worrying than doing it for $$$. it is a disorder.

by kingfelix
Are you sure it's not a sense of "doody"? He's a mean, mean, doody-head. Doody, doody, DOODY!!!

Seriously, even if he's sincere, the party of the rich always has enough money to see to it that their mouthy little spokesturds like him never have to eat ramen or worry about the rent. Follow the money, indeed. There's always enough to keep scumbags like him and Tucker Carlson in clean bowties.

by drewfromct
Thanks for highlighting the circus sideshow named Godwin.
Gads these guys are scary.

by Cool Blue
A sophmoric twit for sure, but the most obnoxious man in America, for the 18th consecutive year, is Pat Robertson.

by Olds88
what i find interesting about Godwin is his repeated assertions that his political opponents are infantile, mentally ill, etc. to my mind, potentially, and given his professional capacity and his erudition, it makes him more a full blown obnoxious fascists than robertson , limbaugh, o'reilly, and falwell.

by kingfelix
This shrink guy is just an embarrassment to his profession.

by Olds88
yeah, but if the caysh was'nt there he'd be sellin some other snakeoil, or some line of bs. Ain't none of these guys doin any of that stuff for nothin'. I bet you he's into porno and hookers.....and wears women's lingerie when he's psychologizin'.

by Manix
We could temporarily revoke, uh, Godwin's Law, and compare this guy Godwin with members of a certain German political party.

by Manix
whenever I think about this guy, I can't help but do a Nazi salute.

by lazybum
This guy's bad. And Pat Robertson and his ilk are bad too, but I wouldn't say obnoxious. Awful pieces of dog shit who are dangerous to America, yes. But obnoxious implies that certain nails-on-the-blackboard kind off effect when you hear their voice and their comments.

That post has its historical basis in the way white southern men viewed themselves as Cavaliers, noble and pure in soul, as opposed to the debased and wretched northern Puritans. Opposition to slavery was the prime example of Puritan soullessness.

by YellowDogBlue
his hatred is obviously self-hatred directed outward at those he secretly admires.
Conservatives are mentally ill. He is a classic example.

by theyrereal
An egregiously bad writer.
Stick to your day job, Robert, whatever it is. And the next time you feel the compulsion to write, lie down until the feeling goes away.


One thing I don't understand. Why do my relatives have to use all these crazy nicknames? And I never told them about the bow ties and lingerie. That was just a lucky guess.


This is pretty weird. You know how kids want to imitate their dad, right? So mine finds out that I'm the most obnoxious man in America, and next thing you know, he wants me to buy him a kufi. What's that all about?


depitty jerk Will said...

Yip-yip-yip - Yawooooieee!!

The Big Time! Your ship came in!!! Validation from on high!!
We're a star!!

Bob, if ever, ever, you had the slightest subatomic ghostlight of a doubt that your head was in the right place . . those doubts are forever nuked!!!

ben usn (ret) said...

Oh great. Affect storm time.
It's kind of ironic how the leftist comments validate what you have said, Bob. With prejudice I might add.

Rorschach said...

Warning! Prepare for incoming Demonrat snark....

Digging a foxhole as we speak.

Ben usn (ret) said...

Damn the banditos,
full Truth ahead!

jwm said...

I went over there, but couldn't find the thread. Probably just as well. Although I must say I'm a little jealous of Will. Deputy Jerk, huh? Did you get a badge, and stuff?


LiquidLifeHacker said...

The nicknames they chose to use says alot huh? Ha Ha....I especially laughed at the one called "lazybum"

LiquidLifeHacker said...

jwm---I must say I'm a little jealous of Will. Deputy Jerk, huh? Did you get a badge, and stuff?

Psssssssst don't make a big fuss about it jwm...cause ummm the deputy only gets one bullet and he has to keep it in his pocket!

will said...

LiquidLifeInhaler (and jwm) -

'jes step outta the vee-hickle, ma'am. And keep those hans' where ah kin see 'em . . .

Anonymous said...

We respec' yore authoratah

Eric Cartman

LiquidLifeHacker said...

*smiles over at jwm*

*text messages Lisa to warn her about the handcuffs*

*steps out of the car*

"Ya gonna frisk me now deputy?"

Dave Reaboi said...

Bob: a hearty Mazel Tov for this high honor. Giving us a sample of the comments was the best part.

If they get through a few postings, they'll all be doing a nice 'ghost dance' to the tune of that screed from "Network." (Hmm-- a trip to iTunes to see how many times that's been downloaded may give us a clue as to how many of these people are out there. Somebody should get on that..)


Dan Spomer said...

Wow. You were called a "mean, mean, doody-head" by the Koskids? High honor, indeed, for the head of the Bobblehead Clan.

But, c'mon.... maybe one, just ONE, Koskid mosied on over here, read a few posts, and had a light bulb go on over their dear, pointed head? If so, than the attention they brought you would be well worth it.

Kahntheroad said...

Okay Bob, you've been holding out on us. When I went down to the Masonic Center to sign up for this blog commenter gig I was promised a 2% cut of the monthly Halliburton 'grant.'

And this came directly from the Commodore himself!

So where's the money, huh? Don't you make me fly my black helicopter over there!

Asher Abrams said...

Bob, congratulations! You've finally arrived. And yes, I'd say the comments amply support your thesis. Don't these kids - er, Kidz - have mommies and daddies?

Lisa said...

So, does this mean as acting Consigliere, I get to start kickin some As@!? Wow, you have indeed made it! Congrats!

Vox said...

I'm so sorry about all of this. As one who has openly disagreed with your politics, I feel obliged to apologize for the rudeness of these comments.

Not all those who disagree with your politics would be so juvenile in criticizing you. In addition to the internet phenomenon (i.e. you don't know who I am, so I can say whatever I ordinarily would only think), it is also frustration, just as you likely feel toward the Left, that motivates them.

I wonder how we will ever make any sort of progress while this is largely the level of cross-value discussion we engage in. I'd like to have a forum where we could exchange ideas in a non-adversarial way.

Again, although I completely disagree with your apparent political stance, I think you are a wonderful, and for those who are willing to pay attention, thought provoking writer. People with an awareness of spirit, I think, will find something compelling in much of what you write, regardless of their political views. It is just much harder for those of us whose beliefs lead us to turn the other cheek to understand the harsh edges.

You would spank us and make us stay in our rooms without dinner. We would put you in timeout for twenty minutes and tell you that we love you very much and that you should think about what you've done. There you have it, in a nutshell.

LiquidLifeHacker said...

Wow Bob... it's one thing to discover the bowtie thingy but now to find out that you give spankings ....well my whole perception of you is warped! Ha Ha

Hoarhey said...


I was thinking about posting the following on the days previous piece:

"Any thoughts to why, when engaged in a political/religious debate with a secularist/modern liberal, I end up feeling the need to shower afterwards and it bothers me long past the initial encounter? Even though I've argued objective facts (mainly by just asking relavent questions to try and expand the horizon) and kept the debate focused on the initial point/s and at the end was the one being called the derogatory names.
Any clues?"

This post just answered that question. Sick pups.
I'm off to the shower!

Hoarhey said...

The sad fact of the matter is that this is the mentality of the people who are weilding more and more power and taking over your end of the political spectrum. They are the ones donating the increasing share of the money, the ones organizing the marches and protests, the ones starting the influential websites, the ones who had Howard Dean surfing the initial wave of the Democrat primaries (speaking of a harsh edges) and the people who will do anything, anything, to get rid of George Bush even if it means bringing this country to its knees along with him.
Would you mind giving me some clue as to how to deal with such lunacy, in a thoughtful way of course?

Vox said...


The truth is that I don't know how to convince those with whom I largely agree politically to engage in thoughtful, respectful, productive dialogue any more than I know how to convince those with whom I disagree politically. My only suggestion is to lead by example and be patient.

Helene said...

An educated pompus scary disordered nazi twit that is paid to use fancy words to fool dumb people and now the lingerie. . . now I really want the autographed copy of One Cosmos.
And a new box of Mac wipes.

kahntheroad said...


Thank you for your comment. It is refreshing to hear people on the left speak up for civil debate and against the nonsense that is, sadly, becoming all too mainstream.

I second Hoarhey, and I hope others like you start working to take back your party; much like Republicans distanced themselves from the shrill fringes on the right.

Incidently, has everyone seen this:

I find it very encouraging that some on the left are ready to wake up and rejoin the arena of ideas.

Sure, we'll woop yer a** once you step into that ring, but at least you'll go fighting down like men ;)

Lisa said...

I am eating my bow-tie chicken garlic pasta in your honor right now! Hilarious! The Kos Kids can always be counted on for a good dose of deep belly laughs!

Gagdad Bob said...


Thank you for your forbearance and for your ability to tolerate ambivalence. It is a mark of emotional maturity. It means a lot to me that someone who disagrees with me can nevertheless do so in a calm and dispassionate way.

Uncle Mikey said...

Funniest thing I've seen all year. Thanks Bob!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Euston Manifesto. They make far too many concessions to radical Islam (a proposal for Israeli-Pali relations that would take MORE land from Israel? I don't think so...), and still persist in their empirically unproven - even DISproven - belief that socialism is the best of all possible governments. It's the same lefty talking points, but smoothed over and restated in such a way as to appeal to the libertarians.

And do I believe this weaseling is intentional? Of course not. But the left has immersed itself in its own ideology, to the utter exclusion of opposing ideas, for so long that even when they wake up and start agitating for change among their fellows they can't throw away their beloved ideals. Leftism is not impervious to reality (if so, there would after all be no Euston Manifesto), but it is surprisingly resistant.

kahntheroad said...


No, the Euston Manifesto is not perfect (I mean it is the work of a bunch of commies, after all), but it's a steps. A recognition of the hypocrisy pervading the left and a good faith effort at self examination is a good thing.

If people want to believe in socialism, fine, so long as they are willing to submit it to a battle of minds - where I, of course, believe they will lose out based on the facts and their track record.

The way I see it, it's foolish to even try to debate any real issue when the other side doesn't recognize the most basic level of civil discourse. Once we establish our common values then we can worry about specifics.

Look, if there are going to be commies around, I'd rather they show at least some level of self-examination. To expect that all people are going to hold the same views (even if the correct ones) is impervious to reality as well.

Sal said...

What an honor!

When does the obligatory Resident Troll get here?

deppity sumthin said...

BYW, I just recently acquired a whole case of ramen for 12 cents a package. Does that get me off the hook with Kos'Kids?

jwm said...

Probably came and went already. The Kos posting was a week ago. Phasers on hold, space brother; there is no invasion.


Kahntheroad said...

And it's been over a week, I'm shocked that this place isn't crawling with Kos-Trolls.

It's funny, I still wonder how they stumbled across Bob, and if they have any idea that there is a whole genre of "Psychobloggers" strapping moonbats to the couch.

Someone probably got really excited at the name One Cosmos, thinking it would have to do with Intergalactic Marxism or something

It would be great if they showed up for Bob's piece about the The Angriest Moonbat's One Long Scream.

scaredstraight said...

Well Bibbo, at least over here you still have the power to delete dissenters...
Hang in though, when you take over the blogosphere you will be able to delete them alllllllllll~

Kerry said...

Were the KOS (I pronounce it chaos)kids there when the crowd was shouting "Give us Barrabas!"?