Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Home Version of Ask Petey

For reasons known only to them, my penurious publisher, Paragon House, said I could receive a slightly higher royalty rate--in other words, a higher percentage of nothing--if I purchased 100 books myself. So I did, and that's why I'm sellin' 'em here. Verrry slowly. Still, when they're gone, they're gone.

If you would like a signed copy of our One Cosmos Under God: The Unification of Matter, Life, Mind and Spirit, send your address & check for $20 (which covers shipping) to:

Robert Godwin
PO BOX 8962

If you would like something more than a mere signature--a lovingly handcrafted metaphysical wisecrack or insult from my discarnate collaborator, Petey, a paw print from my dog, a small vial of surprisingly intoxicating baby pheromones, whatever, just let me know. Any questions, e-mail me at: earthtobob@dslextreme.com


"A guerilla metaphysician and ontological jihadi who refuses to accept the slave wages of normality, this infidel has written an impudent book that is guaranteed to vault your ego out of its conceptual sand dune and expand your mind in places you didn't know you had places. A psychic cartography full of black-diamond cognitive trails that will delight extreme seekers of all fringe movements, One Cosmos unleashes a whirlwind of ideas that helps us see the vast spiritual forest for the materialist tree-dwellers. Two thumbs way off! Where is my damn machete?! (Just kidding. Ha!)"

--Mohammed, author of The Koran (or Idiot's Guide to Islam)

"Ever wonder what a new testavus for the rest of us would look like if we started from scratch based on what the devil's own science has revealed about the nature of reality? Full of old ideas that seem new and new ideas that give relevance and depth to the old, Godwin has deeply "mythunderstood" our existential predicament in light of the best of ancient wisdom and modern thought. This is an updated word from our eternal sponsor, delivered in a gravely amusing and mirthfully serious manner. I predict NO HURRICANES in Bob's hometown any time soon."

--Pat Robertson, author God is King, and I am His Jester

"Sounding every bit like he's been channeling a white salamander, Godwin bores through the cosmic mountain from all sides and meets in the most unexpected of places, the mysterious "I" whose center is in all of us and whose boundless circumference encompasses the whole of reality. One Cosmos is adult spiritual entertainment at its best, the most fun I've ever had mutating my neural networks to perceive higher worlds since 1827!"

--Joseph Smith, transcriber The Book of Mormon

"One man's attempt to sing the Song of Creation, a four-part cosmic suite that takes us from the tune up in the orchestra pit before the performance, to the opening chords of the Big Bang, through to the blissful crescendo of mystical consciousness. A euphoric and euphonious ululation across the nation in celebration of all creation, this best of all possible bangs, our one cosmos under God, inexplicable, with liberation and joyousness for all."

--I. F. Naughty-Bitz, Professor of Blurbology and Applied Inside Flap Notes


For an actual review, check out the Winter 2006 edition of What is Enlightenment? magazine. They allege that the book is "a remarkable integration of science, psychology, and spirit.... a thrilling contribution to the emerging canon of evolutionary thought--one that leaves us eager to embark on the next journey with this daring cosmic dharmanaut." In fact, the magazine recently conducted a grueling interrogation of this Daring Cosmic Dharmanaut that should appear in their next issue, although I can't be sure.


Clinical psychologist Robert Godwin is an extreme seeker and off-road spiritual aspirant who has spent no less than one lifetime in search of the damn key to the world enigma. A high school graduate at just seventeen and a-half, Dr. Godwin attended business school until the vagaries of academic probation and expulsion led him to pursue other missed opportunities. Capitalizing on a natural ability to simultaneously enjoy movies and lower his expectations, Godwin eventually earned a film degree in just four terms (Ford/Carter and parts of Nixon/Reagan. Initially denied admission to graduate school because of "inadequate" academic preparation (their words), Holy Happenstance intervened in the nick of time, and Dr. Godwin went on to obtain two advanced degrees in psychology without allowing it to interfere with his education or with ongoing spiritual research conducted in his suburban liberatoreum. Lengthy periods there of higher bewilderment and intense non-doing resulted in important advances in egobliteration and karmannihilation. At the same time, Dr. Godwin spent many years searching and researching for his book, only to conclude that it did not exist, and that if he wanted to read it, he would have to write it. Having now read it a number of times, he is happy to share that burden with a wider audience of fertile eggheads interested in peering behind the annoying veil that separates them from ultimate reality.


Anonymous said...

I think that the review is right on in her recognition of the mystery of the evolutionary impulse ripping through the brain, body, and being of an intensely curious psychologist named Bob Godwin. (And check out his name, by the way...no wonder the guy loves puns!)

Gagdad Bob said...

Wow, that was beautiful... debold & de' beautiful....

Anonymous said...

"The universe is only 13.7 years old."

Ah, so you're a Young Earth theorist!

Robert Pearson said...

Remember, order directly from Bob, 'cause in my burning desire to get ahold of it I ordered from the publisher, and now "Oh, what is to be done?"

Didn't someone already use that line?

Anyway, Bob, if I only get a plain copy I will still be happy. Hey, I'm happy just to get a crust and a cup and a sack to sleep in.

Anonymous said...

Is your book hard to read? The review makes it sound too challenging. Maybe you should quote a few excerpts on your blog, so people can know in advance if they'll be able to read the whole thing. Also, who's Petey?

Gagdad Bob said...


As a matter of fact, someone put up a numbr of quotes from the book on their website:


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your blog!

Viewing politics through the lens of psychology has opened whole new worlds to me.

I believe I found you through neo-neocon, another great psychologist who gets me to think about many old issues in interesting new ways.

My thanks to Petey for his imput as well.

Sort-of-Mad Max said...

After perusing your epistle, and after much cogitation and internal reflection, may I be allowed to state, with no fear of gainsayment: Dude, your book rawks!

Not only an unsolicited testimonial, but I daresay a totally unwanted testimonial. Alas.

goesh said...

- it gets better and better this blog

Anonymous said...

"Is your book hard to read?"

Well, I managed to get thru it, but I sure didn't understand everything. But hey, who said that you have to do that the first time? And since english is not my mother of tongue, I spent a lot of time with my nose down the dictionary. Anyway, it's worth the effort, and it's also a good way to brush up on those old philosphy teachings you slept through in class...