Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Joke 'em Out of Their Holes

Do you hate the MSM as much as I do? I remember when journalism used to be the first draft of history. Now it's the first draft of rewritten history.

Ever wonder how the New York Times always gets it so wrong? Believe me, it's not easy. They can only do it because they've got a highly trained team of dedicated fact chuckers. No matter what happens, the media never report anything positive coming out of Iraq. There's a term for this: Reuter's block.

That was some election in Iran, a show of real democracy. Iranian elections? That's what you call a farce only a mullah could love. Speaking of farces, they even had elections in Saudi Arabia. In fact, the winners were serenaded with a chorus of Wahhabi Days are Here Again.

And did you hear the new president of Iran was one of the American hostage takers? That's no surprise. Obviously they wanted to elect a man who was there at the time of their founding fatwas.

And the Iranians are still pushing ahead with their Manhattan Project. Personally, I think they should come up with a different name, since there's already been an Islamic Manhattan Project. It was called 9-11.

Of course, they say they're only developing nuclear reactors for peaceful purposes. Personally I'd feel better about it if Muslims had figured out peaceful applications for rocks and belts. For them, it's a wardrobe malfunction when some boob doesn't explode out of his vest.

I guess we shouldn't worry, because the countries of Western Europe are unified in their opposition to Iran obtaining nukes. In fact, they're calling it the Eunuch Pact.

But the Euros have Muslim problems of their own, like in Holland, where they murdered that film maker and their politicians have to have 24 hour security. Now if someone mentions Dutch Masters, I'm not sure if they're talking about painters, cigars, or Muslims.

And the loony left? Forget about it. Why do they always want to burn the flag at their demonstrations? I'm all for flag-burning, so long as the protester first wraps himself in it.

Their big champion is Ted Kennedy. The move-on crowd is probably too young to remember that Kennedy has always had an unwavering commitment to a woman's right to snooze. Under water.

Then you've got the ACLU fighting to put up a blatantly anti-American monument to the victims of 9-11. I guess they have a point, in that the monument will be a real time-saver. I mean, imagine the inconvenience of having to track down 3,000 individual grave sites in order to piss on them.

Then again, since the monument will be on sacred ground, perhaps the ACLU can sue themselves to get themselves removed. If not, maybe we can all file a classless action suit against the ACLU.

And the ACLU is always protecting Muslims, trying to ensure that they are never, ever offended or inconvenienced in any way, even if doing so would stop terror attacks on our soil. I can see their point. It's racist to discriminate against Muslims just because their skin is thinner than ours.

And it's these crazy ACLU types who try to compare Gitmo to the Gulag. I guess in certain respects the Gulag was better than Gitmo. At least in the Gulag, nobody had to read the Koran.

Are you following the Saddam trial? Pretty weird that a guy who has a taste for putting people through plastic shredders also enjoys eating children's cereal. I guess it's no surprise that he likes Froot Loops, since we know his favorite journalist is Dan Rather.

And the Palestinians are still causing problems, as usual. Did you know that none of the maps in the Palestinian territories show Israel? That's what they mean when they refer to the Arab "roadmap to peace."

Did you know that part of the Palestinian's strategy involves having so many children that they can eventually overwhelm Israel with their population? However, demographers are worried that if the Palestinian baby boom continues, there won't be any babies left to boom.

They say the martyrs are just like every other kid, obsessed with sex. But their parents tell them "Be patient. There'll be plenty of time for girls when you're all blown up."

Hey, at least you don't hear about the Palestinians flushing Bibles down the toilet. That will have to wait until they develop indoor plumbing.

The latest is that Abbas wants to enlist the terror groups for security operations. That makes sense, since the Palestinian police can't be expected to prevent law and order all on their own. And making them police does solve the terrorist problem. Next week Abbas plan to conquer disease by renaming hospitals "health clubs."

And why do they hate us so much? True, if it weren't for US interference, the Arab world wouldn't be is stuck in the fourteenth century. Instead, they'd be mired in the twelfth.

And they're always boasting about how great Islamic culture is -- you know, that they had mathematical geniuses who discovered zero over a thousand years ago. That's fine, but the problem is, they've discovered zero ever since.



A Christian Prophet said...

I am led to believe that peaceful cooperation between Israel and Palestine will be assured very soon. Prayers are being answered.

Goesh said...

Wahabbi days are here again. Oh boy. There are few stand-up comics taking shots at the Left. All we get is some blog stuff - nothing on the late night circuit. You may want to copyright that one. The real Baghdad Bob could have made a killing, no sick pun intended, doing his routine on say Leno.

Goesh said...

Well I for one have consulted with the Prophet Klashnikov who tells me the palis intend not only to murder every Jew they can get their hands on, but their pets as well.
- True Believer

Goesh said...

I realize my Arabic is a bit rusty but if I'm not mistaken, and based on what I just read in the quran, it says Christians are to carry the camel dung to the cooking fires. Am I wrong on my interpretation? Hello? Any serious students of Arabic/al quran on hand today???

Goesh said...

PS - I stand corrected. I just received an e-mail from a guy(gal?) calling himself/herself Golem who tells me my Arabic is indeed rusty. Christians are to carry the camel dung away from the cooking fires, but only when the dung is fresh from the camels, and not to the cooking fires. I won't argue the fact that dried dung makes a good heating source but I won't argue with this Golem fellow/gal either. I just hope he/she is not spoofing my name here.

dilys said...

Fact chuckers...

I'd have to stop reading you in dhimmitude, because the laughter of women is strictly proscribed.

Sides shaking, tears forming.
Uncontrolled rolling around on the prayer carpet.
Subsiding, returning to the post for the next/seventh sentence.

Realign eye-holes in burkha, rinse and repeat.

Liz said...

Fact chuckers! Reuters block! You are on fire today!

Your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

primal_john said...

Christian prophet:
Mysticism is exciting and seems so real, but one of its downsides is that you are certain that you are receiving revealed truth. Unfortunately, it just ain't so.

Christine said...

The one about the baby boom(ers) was a blast. *oooh*

LiquidLifeHacker said...

I think I saw Petey dancing in the background skipping roap with his ipod earphones while you typed this one!

Anonymous said...

One jihadi mom to another: "Kids today, they blow up so soon."