Friday, January 23, 2009

The Good Will Tour

Ever take a monkey on a five hour flight? Pictures to follow. Imagine ten Curious George episodes back to back, with me as the Man in the Yellow Hat... and pants, when his diaper leaked.

Can't do much else from here, but at least I can authorize a fresh Open Thread.


NoMo said...

Ahhh, nothing like a fresh open thread to bring everyone down. If I were Obama, this is what I'd do.

If I were Obama.

wv: ingtomi (I don't know, but that's where I'm headed...maybe somewhere in the Tongan highlands?)

julie said...

Leaking diapers, eh? Yep, that about describes the freshness level of the previous comment section :)

Hope you guys are having a great visit!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hmmm... glad I missed the previous thread, in that case.

Anyone hiring?


Ricky Raccoon said...

wv: spinic

The first Obamanut droolnalist scent into orbit

will said...

Not a bad time for an OC hiatus - I'm still recovering from eye surgery and everything has a wonderful aureola around it! It's like I'm in the Garden!

Niggardly Phil said...

Anybody else see Cheney in a wheelchair and mutter, "I've seen a lot of spinals, Dude, and this guy is a fake. A fucking goldbricker."

Niggardly Phil said...

With all due respect to the Vice President, of course.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, I don't know from "spinals" but I know when I have sciatica I could certainly beg for a wheelchair.

He did look like Old Man Potter, however.


wv:neathwat; a very stupid cave man

Joan of Argghh! said...

Will, your coon vision is still as sharp as ever.

Heal up quick!

QP said...

Yesterday I over heard 4 year old Gabrielle, who was mother-henning 2 year old twins who wer wandering off the play ground, say to them, "Oh, don't go into the Garden - that's for Jesus"!

BTW Will whatch ya' seein?

walt said...

While I patiently await Dear Leader's return, a trainwreck crossed my screen that
1- illustrates many, many subjects touched on by Bob's posts over the years, and
2- will cause you to immediately thank God for the wonderful life you have in comparison.

And, libs will like it because the theme is all about "caring."

julie said...

Phil, with all due respect to the Veep, that is hilarious.

so much gone wrong in that story. I can't help reading it and thinking "there, but for the grace," not for myself but for many people I know.

On a daily basis, I'm amazed, baffled and extremely grateful that this is the life I wake up to.

Niggardly Phil said...

I read the article Walt, I got a bit disturbed at this:

There is an alternative. Many of those who work in the system wish they could be empowered as "conservators" for those who are in psychological need. With that authority, health workers could require patients to take their medications and undergo treatment.

"If I could do anything, I would ask to have a stronger ability to use conservatorship when it is appropriate," Cabaj said. "To have someone's case overseen by someone who cares."

I was reading On the Soul the other day, and came on a sentence: "One element in each pair of contraries will suffice to enable it (ie the soul) to discern both that element itself, and its contrary. By means of the straight line we know both itself and the curved - the carpenter's rule enables us to test both - but what is curved does not enable us to distinguish either itself or the straight."

And here's my point, dude, there's no reason, there's no fucking reason to allow an evil man to decide where and when to use such a conservatorship. If by and large the vast majority of psychiatrists are perverted, on whom ultimately the decision will rely, well, who's to say that a pro-life stance is not simply mentally unhealthy.

"...when it is appropriate." Right. Someone who does not know is unable to tell someone who does, but the man who knows easily can tell who does not. Likewise with a perverted will - evil cannot tell good from evil, except that it thwarts its will (evil fights against evil too). But good knows evil everywhere, better than it knows itself.

julie said...

Phil, that part caught my eye, too. Disturbing.

(By the way, is that the church from Vertigo? It's beautiful, wherever it is.)

walt said...

NPhil -

Your "bit disturbed" matched my own, down to the words you chose.

Note, too, that no other possible solution entered the minds of the people involved -- in which case, the whole situation was resolved for them by everyone "caring."


Robin Starfish said...

a tear in my eye
goodbye to dr strangelove
ten women per man

ximeze said...

wow, check out Reason and Emotion animation short made by Disney during WWII

Will, seems I got a wv intended for you instead: squit

julie said...

Speaking of things disturbing, this is just too wrong for words.

And I really, really would like to be pleasantly surprised by the new prez, but he's making it tough already. Looks like the guy we saw during the election is exactly who we've got in the most powerful office in the world.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to remain Dudelike.

Niggardly Phil said...

It's the campus of my alma mater (taken from random flikr account).

mushroom said...

Good will touring beats Good Will Hunting.

I am never too surprised by what I might read in the Sodom Chronicle. I have had a couple of friends like that, who -- except for their delusions -- are really funny and decent. One was exactly like Curry, except he wound up in prison.

mushroom said...

Phil, I have that passage highlighted in my Pocket Aristotle. Very enlightening.

wv: gurpowin -- If they don't use that in a comic book fight scene, they should.

jwm said...

Good to hear from you! I hope you're healing up OK. Last week I had my six month checkup after cataract surgery on my right eye. Of course they dialated my eyes for the exam. That night, with the iris pulled all the way back I could see a ring of refraction surrounding every point of light in my right eye. It took a minute to realize that I was seing the microscopic scar left from the procedure. Kind of creepy, even if it was pretty.
Oh. Giant Robot is hosed.
wv: seedi


River Cocytus said...

I wonder if it is better than the Asylums? My only comment is that having removed them, parts of cities are now becoming their own kind of asylum. But since they are not committed, it will require special laws - like the 'conservatorship' to control the inmates.

Back in the day they just used to chain 'em up and put em in the graveyard until some Dude came by to heal them.

julie said...

In case anybody's missed their chance, a way to say Thank You to President Bush.

Van said...

Thanks for the ref Julie.

Dallas Alice said...

Let's not forget to thank him twice more on our children's and children's children's behalf. Heaven knows they'll forget to thank him themselves as they shoulder the cost of Bush's security. And let's remember that he captured the ultimate bad man leader of al qaida, hussama bin Hussein, or whatever. Very bad man.

ximeze said...

Yes indeedee, Bob promised a monkey with a leaky diaper. Like magic Alice steps in to fulfill that role.

A fitting acolyte for Chimpy the Kenyan me thinks.

jwm said...

Yes, Dal-ass All ass, and certainly let's remember the ungrateful vermin like you who sat safely here at home in your code pink indignation while Men and Women of character and conviction put their lives on the line, and too often sacrificed those precious lives so self righteous scum like you could safely wallow in the diaper squish of Bush Derangement Syndrome, and entertain your vile pink cloud fantasies of peace and love. Your pathetic excuse for a brain has been gorged and glutted on the lies and distortions of the leftist media until your critical thinking skills make the sheep of Animal Farm look like the heroes of an Ayn Rand novel. But don't worry too much. What you lack in brains you make up for in ignorance.
I could mine the English language to its abyssal depths, and never come up with invective fitting for the likes of yourself.
You are a disgrace to this nation. Hell, you're a disgrace to Western Civilization. Sharia law is too good for you.

Fuck off and die.

wv:rimlgasm (the only way Dallas Alice can have one at all)


Dallas Alice said...

Say JWM, don't you write a column over at HuffPo? Pardon me if I step around your bleeding heart conjecture and stick to facts, Mr. Big Ot. The facts here are that there are pockets of whiners and bitter losers unwilling to offer the least bit of patriotic support to a new administration because...uh...well he's got an agenda that doesn't fit their own. Welcome to reality. The sage says it best: "You can't always get what you want." You can get that lesson now or you can get it later. But sooner or later you get it, tough guy.
This country runs on the idea that there's room for everyone. Even those who mismanage their high blood pressure medicine. We've been through the most trying time in American leadership since Nixon and we have the approval/disapproval ratings to prove it. This is not my opinion, in spite of what your tottering, emotion-driven rant implies. The overwhelming majority of those who live in the same country you live in is/was sick and tired of the style and substance of the tenured leadership, and your own countrymen walked their opinions to the voting booth. You looking for someone to blame? Look in the mirror. Here of all places the narcissist masquerading as spiritual aspirant should be allowed to self-destruct.

You fight change like it was the enemy. Keep it up as long as you have the strength, if that's your thing. Many do, for the remainder of their non-productive (not counting pithy avatars on extremist blogs!)lives.

Joan of Argghh! said...

You can get that lesson now or you can get it later.

Yeah, cuz you can't have an omelet without cracking a few eggs.

Obama works for me. Not the other way around. He works for everyone, not just his financial lobbyists.

Moreover, Islam has an agenda different from mine, too. I will not capitulate to an agenda that seeks to enslave me to the State, no matter which country or ideology would so attempt.

It's not a difference of style, it is a differnce of core substance, a walking away toward a diametrically opposed goal post. I am to intercept that power-play.

I am to misbehave...

WV:tichi: yeah, gotta get centered.

Cousin Dupree said...

51% is a bitterly divided nation. 52% is an overwhelming mandate. Sheyah right.

cousin dupree said...

From Taranto's column yesterday:

"The Mall was a lot friendlier this week than during the past two inaugurations, so I did an anecdotal survey. Turns out most of my conservative friends who went to the last two Bush inaugurations (and are still in D.C.) also went to Obama's inauguration and were there chanting for the new president too. Because my friends were there cheering and decked out in red, white and blue (which liberals can now be seen wearing again), everyone thought they fit right in.

"Contrast that to 2001, when they had to tolerate screaming liberals protesting Bush's "selection" by the Supreme Court's "partisan decision to place him in the White House," and 2005, when they had to put up with the CodePink and protests.
When you cast it in that light, of course the atmosphere this week was nicer! Of course there were fewer people being divisive!

"And thus Moulitsas takes away the wrong conclusion, because he is completely oblivious to the fact that it is the generosity and patriotism of conservatives that allowed it to happen. Paradoxically, the intolerance of some liberals (and the responses by a minority of conservatives) made all conservatives look confrontational, but the patriotic unity of the conservatives who went down to the mall this week made all liberals look magnanimous and generous."

Dallas Alice said...

Joan sez:

"It's not a difference of style, it is a differnce of core substance, a walking away toward a diametrically opposed goal post. I am to intercept that power-play.

I am to misbehave..."

Another coon tilts left in style if not substance. And don't take my word for it: The lawnchair philosopher C. Dupree said it for me above, quoting one of his tonal touchstones. An excerpt, as mirror:

"Paradoxically, the intolerance of some liberals (and the responses by a minority of conservatives) made all conservatives look confrontational, but the patriotic unity of the conservatives who went down to the mall this week made all liberals look magnanimous and generous."

Just because you can't pick out your own face in the crowd doesn't mean you aren't standing there among the accused.

Pick a side and make a stand. Work for change alongside all the others working for change. It's not a destination honey, it's a mode of travel. Quit standing on the sidelines carping, making juvenile accusations and pompous threats, or own your hysteria. Get on the wagon or get off. And if you get off, you're no better than the left you've all waxed rabid about since this blog started.

wv: straws. indeed

Ricky Raccoon said...

I’ve whittled my questions down to one. If I ask another of you, hold me to it. I even promise not to respond to your answer. Here it is:
What did you think about the incident when that guy threw the shoe at Bush?

Van said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Van said...

alice does dallas said "Get on the wagon or get off"

If George read his email, or my blog, he knows precisely what I thought of the bailout plans, as do my senators and representatives... you? And while you're all righteous about it, good luck finding a single leftist principle which the bailouts have violated. Not a line of policy goes against what leftists have advocated for, for a century. Btw, that goes for moderate or social conservative republicans as well. Only classical liberals, and the conservatives who lean their way, oppose the principles of the bailout, or the prescription drug policy, or... etc.

Regarding my feelings, and those that other Americans should have towards President Obama, there was an election, he's the President, and that's that, and he deserves all of the respect which the office affords - which is a critical sentiment for all citizens of this nation to hold, if it is to endure. Doesn't in any way imply that people shouldn't still examine and evaluate the President's positions, appointments and policies.
There is nothing, Nothing to prevent, or even suggest, that each citizen shouldn't oppose those policies they believe will change their country for the worse, just as I and others did towards President Bush's positions on the bailout, or the prescription drug policy, or... etc.

That you are unable to grasp any opposition to your "change" mantra as anything other than your own hysterical needs for total worshipfulness, shows that in the end you are nothing but a posturing idioillogical leftist mind turd. That's ok, the street cleaners will follow behind you parade and clean up afterwards.

(left out a critical "n't")

julie said...

Alice, given that no other attacks have happened on our soil since 9/11 I'll be happy to help pay that particular bill, in money since I didn't do so in body, and I'll be sure that my children and grandchildren understand, too, that some things are worth paying taxes for, should it come to that.

No, the debts that rankle are the monstrous costs of socialistic policies, growing by leaps and bounds. And yes, I'm aware that Bush has helped to increase that burden. I never suggested he was perfect. I can still offer thanks that he helped keep us safe.

Dallas Alice said...


For a detail stickler, you seem to be shooting from the hip in your last paragraph. Almost as if you're going all...emotional.

We're saying the same thing most of the way through your rant, and frankly I'd much rather you say it in this forum than an interloper like me.

The last paragraph shows you drawing some conclusions about me which certainly don't come from anything you know to be true, but draw instead from that apparently untapped well of mind parasites you too possess. Can you believe it!? No? Well there's the basis for the first, and really after that, only significant difference between us. Prove me wrong. Please. You are a fine thinker and most of what you say is well-founded. It's when you venture into the area I'll call autophobia for discussion's sake that you expose yourself to the same criticisms you've leveled against the left since you got here. Own it or suffer from it. It's not a choice I have to make. If that comes across as pompous or self-righteous to you, I genuinely suggest you examine that response.

BTW, I voted for Bush. I jumped ship during the Abu Graib fiasco when I recognized hypocrisy from the top down, and denial of responsibility as the primary explanation offered to Americans. Rumsfeld had a chance to be a True American Hero simply by accepting responsibility and stepping down. He did not make that tough choice. Once I saw the tail of the worm, its effects were easy to trace as it ate its way through the Administration. Of course Bush meant well. But his Administration's defacto policy of "nunya bizness" took its toll on the moral base of our country just as Clinton's lack of moral fiber did. Clinton's faux paw just didn't become something our grandchildren would be paying for.

As for roping me into some ideological debate using the buyout as bait, hey man. You'd be better off trying to get JWM off of caffeine. Build me into one of your strawmen just as wv suggests you will, and dismiss me just as easily. Or maybe wonder if most of you here are acting the same way as those you've been batting around here for the duration.

And Julie:
I firmly believe the invasion of Iraq and its subsequent occupation has rendered us far more vulnerable than we were before. No, we weren't again attacked on Bush's watch, but it doesn't then follow that he's somehow left us safer. This war has created legions, whole generations of willing terrorists where before there were only humans being. I lay this situation at the feet of the past administration. Even Bush is finally able to accept some blame. Follow his lead. That shouldn't be too hard.

julie said...


"I firmly believe the invasion of Iraq and its subsequent occupation has rendered us far more vulnerable than we were before."

Then we disagree. And there I shall leave it.

Dallas Alice said...

Thank you Julie. I can accept that.

hoarhey said...

Allass said,
"Get on the wagon or get off. And if you get off, you're no better than the left you've all waxed rabid about since this blog started."

Some people just so happen to be traveling in a different wagon, a wagon of which you haven't even an inkling, being so progressive and all.
Funny how "my way or the highway" only applies when leftists are in power at which time "dissent isn't the truest form of patriotism".

Dallas Alice said...

Are you attempting to make a point, or do you just want to practice some mock kung fu? In which case, get a mirror.

BTW hoar, last I checked a wagon ride was designed to get you someplace. You haven't moved in years.

jwm said...

What do you know, I woke up this morning, and found the flamethrower set on firehose and all the dials cranked up to 10. Must have been the late night carnitas from Molcasalsa. Or maybe because I worked a night shift, and cleaned thirty some odd classrooms in the rain. Or maybe it was troll. I hate troll.
And look! Troll had a clever, well thought out, and eloquently stated response to my hasty screed. Let's have a look, shall we?
First, Troll gave us a link to remind us all how much the war cost in dollars and cents.
Good point there. The measure of right and wrong, Good and Evil, can always weighed in dollars and cents.
Next, Troll accused me of not being patriotic, and getting on the band wagon of unqualified support for President Obama, and not being, you know- down for the hopenchange thang. Except I didn't say anything about President Obama at all.
Then Troll reminded us all of the ultimate, and absolute measure of President Bush's tenure in office: approval rating. It reminds me of that poster I see hanging in the elementary school classrooms. Doing what is right is seldom popular, and doing what is popular is seldom right.
Just like that other president who had great a public approval record. You know- the one whose picture is on the five dollar bill.
And then troll accused me of fighting change. Hmm. Don't think I mentioned anything about that either. And being a narcissist, too! I'm not sure what I wrote that reflects self worship. I'll have to do some sort of exegesis on the screed to see if I can extract the phrases the lead to that astute conclusion. And troll called my avatar pithy. Well that's just one too many, lemme tell ya.

So let's get clear on the concept. Truth to tell I hope that President Obama (notice the capital "P"?) turns out to be the best goddamn CIC that America has ever seen. But then again, I hope they find a cure for heart disease, AIDS, diabetes, and cancer. I'm not holding my breath. At the end of the day, it isn't about "R", or "D"; it's about the USA. My country.
The invective was not directed at the President, or the Democrats or anyone but the Troll. It was 100% personal.

Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. Then Troll tossed out the old sanctimonious How can a spiritual aspirant behave in such an uncouth manner?
Here's a little wwjd? for you.
Sometimes what Jesus would do is braid a whip out of cords and beat the motherfuckers right out of the temple.

with that, go piss up a rope.


Van said...

alice does dallas said "...thank him twice more on our children's and children's children's behalf..."

I apologize. I misread your first comment, I thought you were referring to the bailout. Had I realized that you were referring to the costs of funding the military, and the invasion of Iraq (which I'd hoped was only a precursor to an invasion of Iran), I would have somehow managed to think even less of you than I already did.

"...Work for change alongside all the others working for change..."

You provided plenty of detail for drawing the conclusions about you that my last paragraph did, and which your "I voted for Bush. I jumped ship during the Abu Graib fiasco... This war has created legions, whole generations of willing terrorists where before there were only humans being..." and other comments only reinforce. Yeah, my last paragraph stands.

"Clinton's faux paw just didn't become something our grandchildren would be paying for"

It was Clinton who was the last one who had a chance of preventing or forestalling 911, his 'faux paw' and lack of moral fiber ensured that he would not do so, and guaranteed that our grandchildren, and theirs, will be paying dearly for the burden of his 'errors'.

"Prove me wrong"

How can I top the proof you've already submitted?

Van said...

Oh my! I humbly flick my bic to JWM's awesome flamethrower.

Dallas Alice said...

So JWM, let's keep this personal, just between us close buddies on the old blog, since we both know each other so well? You want to turn this into an eharmony session? Fine.

"So," blush...

"Janitor, huh? Sounds interesting. I like thunderstorms, dogs and cats, kids & jazz." And you like to piss on things.

Van, once again you stand pat on your vision of your self as God. That you can still bow down while doing it sends me right back to what I pointed out, and you missed, some comments back:

" ...don't come from anything you know to be true, but draw instead from that apparently untapped well of mind parasites you too possess. Can you believe it!? No? Well there's the basis for the first, and really after that, only significant difference between us."

I imagine it will come as a disappointment that you haven't convinced me of your own deep insight regarding self knowledge. Don't despair. You do impress me in other ways as exceptional, even if they aren't by design.

Enough fun morons. I gotta run. Learn it now or learn it later. It's always and only up to you. Ain't it a grand design?

jwm said...

Yes. I work as a school janitor.
I clean classrooms, dump trash, disinfect toilets, and mop floors.
Shameful, huh?

From this point forward


Van said...

Dear alice does dallas:
That you can say things as stupid as
"Van, once again you stand pat on your vision of your self as God"

and "only significant difference between us"

and, funniest of all, "a disappointment that you haven't convinced me of..."

with a straight font, illustrates well, why I am still laughing.

ximeze said...

Tisk tisk JWM & Van, how could you have miss the cherry on top? "Even Bush is finally able to accept some blame. Follow his lead." links to that laughty source:
Al Jazeera

Anonymous said...

Van just chuckles at everything, never really responds, kind'a like laughter indicates it's ridiculous enough to not need respond, but acts like a kid who still hasn't developed language skills.

Van needs to learn to step up and back up his ideas instead of running behind his usual curtain. I've never seen anybody give up so easily while trying to pretend they haven't given up. It's always a disappointment.

Dallas Alice said...

Fact check, please.

I didn't denigrate your work as a janitor in any way. On the contrary, I respect that.

You did all that by your lonesome. Funny what the mind can do to itself. Bob addresses that in his book.

Back atcha bitch:

From this point forward


Ximeze: nice illustration of subjective investigation. Is this your technique for all your research?

You could follow the link to al Jezebel, but you couldn't then follow the AJ article to its sources. Convenient, and makes for a snappy rejoinder. Kudos from HuffPo, sistah soljah!

Aw, never mind. You're keeping yourself nice and busy.

comeon guys, I really gotta go. I can only swat melons for so long.

Anonymous said...

JWM didn't use to be so cranky ...something's got into him.

Julie is being hyper communicative
which is wierd.

The crew is responding to a political troll, Dallas Alice, which is more typical, however GDB only weighed in in Dupree costume, meaning he isn't "into" the politics so much anymore.

Strange times...

Van said...

aninnymouse said "I've never seen anybody give up so easily while trying to pretend they haven't given up."

Ha! Hey Lance, you hear that one? I think I've just been accused of being short winded! Well at least now I know that this ninny isn't Nags or Ray... for what that's worth.

ninny, if you ever get a nic and want to do something other than preen and assert, the sidebar at my blog will give you a variety of topics for you to argue with me.

In the meantime, I'm still laughing.

lance said...

Wow! I heard it Van. I am a little surprised that anyone would call you short winded. haha Anyone who wants to see the depth of Vans writings please come and visit my blog often his wind is there at hurricane force :) But, I like it and I find it makes me think.

To Alice said...


jwm said...

I mentioned this the other day, but I think it's worth repeating. I figured that after the innauguration, the libs, lefties, and loons would go off on an orgy of self congratulation, forget about us, and get to work healing Gaia or something. Not the case.
It seems like BDS has metastisized into some new and far more virulent strain of mental illness. I thought hopium was a sedative. Turns out it's more like a rage inducing mix of methamphetamine, and PCP, with a side order of jimson weed, and some brown acid thrown in for good measure.
Interesting times.


Susannah said...

I've got a Curious George, too. The images that evokes are all too fresh in my mind!

Re: the darkness on display in the hearts of our fellow humans... One thing about darkness is that it intensifies the beautiful, welcome sight of the ignited flame.

"You are the light of the world..."

ximeze said...

No non-koolaid drinkers allowed.
Hopiechangie must take over all beings.
Resisters to universal conquest and domination are inferior & must be eliminated. "Exterminate!"

It's an inner-Dalek kinda thing.

Dallas Alice said...

Hey Anonymous:

No non-koolaid drinkers allowed.
Hopiechangie must take over all beings.
Resisters to universal conquest and domination are inferior & must be eliminated. "Exterminate!"

It's an inner-Dalek kinda thing.

(Ximeze: as melons go, you're a peach. Thanks, again.)

ximeze said...

ulp, did two Slightly Soiled Bobservation just go poof? Had them bookmarked:

The King is Dead
Ugly Fantasies and Beautiful Truth

NoMo said...

On a lovely note.

I do so like the weepies (guilty pleasure?)

Anonymous said...

As a long time troll here at one cosmos I gotta tell you Alice that you're way out of your league here. I hope you realize that the coons are eating your lunch, and you're looking more foolish every time you sign on. Some of us take pride in good trolling, and you're an embarassment.

Susannah said...

Okay, NoMo, lump in throat. What a lovely video.

It takes my mind to a little spot of earth we left behind when we moved. Now I want to go back there for just a minute.

wv, rareqt: the ones that leave us too soon.

Dallas Alice said...

Geez Anonymous. From you, of all people.

I take it I won't be getting an invite to the OC troll appreciation luncheon?

Anonymous said...

Hey Alice, I never said that. Someone's hijacking my nic.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Anon 5:52-
Excellent analysis. They don't make trolls like they used to.
The new batch is not even at the level of minor league.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Anonymous said...
Hey Alice, I never said that. Someone's hijacking my nic.

Ah yes! Irony, thy name is anonymous.

I suggest you call yourself Sparticus.

Skully said...

Number 69!

My lucky number.

Skully said...

Hey Alice!
Here's a full moon, just for you!

(( )

( ))


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Excellent link on the kitsch of Obama-

Deconstructing Barry

Touches on a lot of what Bob has been sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I take that back, after re-reading these comments, I've come to the conclusion that you're weak AND you suck. Your "I know I am but what are you" responses are pathetic.

NoMo said...

He doesn't play the fool, he keeps it cool. Yeah.

julie said...

NoMo - thanks for the vidlink; that was beautiful. The Weepies are aptly named.

Skully - the funny thing about that is, I only just now recognized the moons over the comment box. For some reason, it just never registered before.

Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing ;)

Anonymous said...


Bob's postings about the innaguration, "Ugly Fantasies and Beautiful Truth" and "The King is Dea... Wait, not so fast!" are missing.

Does anyone know if Bob removed them? Or did the Nazi Party have them removed by clicking on "offensive post" or something?

If it was Bob, ok. But does not sound like Bob.

If not, then the jackboots march on the internet.

julie said...

The pages Ximeze linked have been deleted. And maybe it's just a lack of Google-Fu on my part, but the Google caches appear to have been scrubbed as well.

ximeze said...


Google-Fu fix
(tw Todd Ubernerd buddy)
Into google search-window-thingie type: "the king is dea... "

or "ugly fantasies"

Cached copies of each post are there. As to comments? It's back to da ubernerd for that one, since I didn't think to ask.

Sal said...

Speaking of bookmarks-
see Joan's latest. She is en fuego!

If you start with snark, why are you surprised if you get snark back?

julie said...

Ximeze - tried it just now (copied and pasted what you typed in); Google says it didn't match any documents.

Last night I Googled the post titles (in quotes) and "One Cosmos" - got lots of links and references to the originals from the 'coonosphere, but no actual posts or caches.

will said...

JWM, Ben, Joan, Xims, et al, thanks for the wellwishes re: my eye surgery.

If I wanted to wait a couple more years for the surgery I could probably have zoom-control and night vision, you know, be able to see things like Fergus the Cat did.

Right now I'm getting a constant parade of interesting phosphenes. I'm giving them names.

Anonymous said...


this might help you.

Luke has a humorous image up as part of this kind of lefty behavior.

I also suggest your peruse the chapter on google hacking in Steal This Computer Book 4.0

Nothing like Chicago Thug Politics to make my day.


julie said...

Will, I think I forgot to say so, but I hope your recover quickly as well.

Seeing a constant parade of phosphenes sounds both interesting and distracting. Could be weirder, though :)

julie said...

Anonymous (Luke?), thanks for the Google-fu link; I've bookmarked it under "useful stuff."

Not that I'm overly concerned, I just thought it weird and noteworthy. In any case, the Tuesday post seems to have mysteriously re-appeared.

Perhaps it has something to do with maintaining good will...

Van said...

Actually, I should have had the first comment yesterday. I was here first, but on my PocketPC, and for some reason, now wv doesn't do PocketPC's... for the moment any way.

Highly valuable and relevant comment was:
"Good! Will's finally touring! Where can I get the new CD?
(Well... you know, hope and change...)"

I see know that I just had my lines crossed a little bit... although he's not under the lights, he is seeing them, so I wasn't that far off.

Ok, wv is taunting my PocketPC: permink

Anonymous said...


In the meantime, get yourself an Ironkey.

In the meantime, also consider a Yoggie Personal Firewall.

They are both USB based and can be taken on the road.

Oh, and Ironkey means it. You forget the password, and it will destroy whats on the drive after 10 tries.

Anonymous said...

.. there is no such thing as "good will" in Obama land. Only when it suits them do they pretend. Only when caught, and the heat is on do they submit.

Creepy, psychologically disturbed robots. Like Hitler Jugen.

Lets just hope that Bob's password was not compromised, or "revealed" by the site owners.

They would have all our IP addresses and be able to tell whence we come from.

Even us anonymous types.

Perhaps using several anonymous proxies would help, but those are still traceable eventually.

Zoltan said...

Where does authority reside?

Van said...

With those who aren't deterred by the question.

julie said...

I'd hazard a guess that while Authority is what It is, authority is in the eye of the beholder.

LukeBlogWalker said...

Heh heh,

Good one, Van.

Such Philosophy 101 rhetorical questions are boring as hell at this point.


PS "Why is there air?" --Bill Cosby.

ximeze said...

Courtesy of The People's Cube
Do Not View These Bourgeois Images

jwm said...

(If you stop by again today) I sent you an e-mail, but the addy is old, and I don't know if you're even still using the account. Let me know.


jwm said...

Ximeze: Thanks for that link! And thanks a million for turning me on to the People's Cube. That has to be some of the best satire on the web. It isn't often I catch something that actually makes me laugh out loud. By the way, How's Beaky?


ximeze said...

Is this your first time with ThePeople'sCube? What fun! He's so good cause he's a a former agitprop artist from the Soviet Union. I'm a big fan of 'Laika the Spacedog - sending signals to liberal tinfoil hats since 1957' myself.

Thanks for asking, Beaky is whistletychirping right behind me. She's always in a good mood when she get meat for lunch. Today she chomped on corn-corn, yam, red currants, cornbread & a chunk of burger. That's in addition to regular bowl of fortified birdie-chow, almonds with shells to rip off, peanuts & cheerios.

Now, if she'd just quit biting me when it's kissy-kissy time. The chronic fat lip is starting to disturb the neighbors.

ximeze said...

a bit of inaugural fun created by Paste Magazine

julie said...

Ximeze: There's a beverage here, man!


leslie said...

Heal quickly and let us know how you're doing,
Mrs. G

leslie said...

Thanks for the link,
Mrs. G

Anonymous said...

You ain't nuthin' but a hound dog..

Ringtail Tom said...

Dancing With The Stars!

Hee hee

Gecko said...

Will, you are in my prayers and hope that your vision will return with the clarity to see all the flowers in the garden.
Merlin sends Beaky a cyber peanut.

julie said...

Hi Leslie! I take it you guys made it home :)

Anonymous said...

wv: bonessis (i kid you not) - erectile dysfunction? try bonessis...

River Cocytus said...

Dallas Alice, huh.

Another of the 'use all of your stuff against you'

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Thank you! Your willingness to not only imitate us but spend so much time debating us makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside! (Which goes well with the furry raccoon exterior, I might add.)

But no, really - I don't expect to be taken seriously (often I hope I'm not) but hey, I can take a compliment.

Thanks, Alice!

PS - Just an FYI, use of invective, which you are saying makes one 'as bad as those criticized' is more of a style concern than a substance concern. The 'style' of the left is something they use because it is convenient not because vitrolic attacks are somehow 'inherently leftist'. Back before 'leftism' formally existed, that style was one of many of the rhetorical tools available to those trained.

Now I've complimented you, in paying attention to your work.

As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

Sal said...

Re: monkeys on a plane-
if he didn't hit a businessman across the aisle in the head with a Duplo structure, consider yourself ahead of the game.
Glad you're all back safely.

Prayers, Will!

River Cocytus said...

Yes, get better Will - before I forget to say it! (But God knows.)

julie said...

Apropos of nothing, except that this made me gag a little (so of course I had to share), here's a special item for when you have no words. Comes in a 10 pack, for those whose mission in life is to spread the good word.

Susannah said...

I think the market for that would be better enriched by pocket Constitutions.