Saturday, November 01, 2008

Open Thread

Woke up at midnight with a pounding toothache. Probably something to do with the root canal I just had redone the day before. All better now, but not enough web fluid to post.

This morning I got into an argument with my son over which one of us is "new." I said he was. He said I was. Eventually I had to concede his point. Unlike me, he has no doubt that he has always existed. Rather, I'm the big novelty.


Van said...

Great pic!

I had the very strange experience last night of my 20 yr old, who hasn't wanted to be bothered with carving pumpkins, or hanging around on Halloween for years, suddenly taking over for me. Carol had to work, and I thought I was going to be working too late to get back in time to help Rachel carve her pumpkin, etc.
Ryan and his girlfriend went out and bought costumes, and even though I ended up getting off in time, they took her out Trick or Treating - they were all actually annoyed when I got back in time, until I said ok, they could go on as planned.

The costume they got were Batman & Batgirl! I've got pictures & video of his first real Halloween, and he it was Batman then too... and the memories were running in overlay with real time last night.

They grow up fast, but man is it fun!

And what they don't get, is that they are always New!

Gecko said...

Yeah, but who loved who first?
Still having that argument with mine.
Really appreciating to the core of my being your MOTT posts and always am in debt to you for the daily nourishment.

Susannah said...

That is one happy, secure, contented little boy! LOVE the costume! Great muskles.

We didn't go out trick-or-treating. We stayed home and carved a couple of pumpkins, and watched a movie and pigged out on the trick-or-treaters' candy (because no one came to our door--our driveway is long and we're set back a couple of acres).

Ahhh, it was so nice. I'm not a good costumer, and I find costumes for 7 rather overwhelming.

Gagdad Bob said...

Is it wrong to feed him steroids? I'm breeding him to be an actual superhero.

julie said...

Is the Riddler wearing a tutu?

Robin Starfish said...

Ha! FL is a chip off the new block.

walt said...

Sorry 'bout the tooth! Been there, etc., etc.

Hey: tell the boy that you two are both new to us! And, still fresh!

May God bless your whole family!

leslie said...

You made my day with the story about Ryan and his girlfriend stepping in to make Rachel's Halloween special.

I had such an "I'm really a MOM!" moment last night. I was watching the little guy walk up to a neighbor's door with his best little buddy, the 9 year old girl he idealizes and her 2 year old sister who idealizes them.

The group of little guys in their costumes were so tentative at the first couple of doors and the big girl was showing how Trick or Treating was done. Then by the third door they realized people liked them! They got candy! All they had to do was say "Trick or Treat" or "Happy Halloween" and they got to pick out whatever candy they wanted.

It was a formative mom moment, like the first time I walked him in a stroller.

Mrs. G
ps-Good thing he doesn't know about playing tricks on uncooperative neighbors yet.

Anonymous said... be a troll and have nothing nasty to say...that is a little slice of hell.

Post tommorrow...PLEASE.

Van said...

Leslie, it is pretty darn neat, all of those 'first times' isn't it?

Wait till you get to see their first Adulthood firsts... pretty nifty!

Don't worry, you got time though, it won't seem like a blink of an eye, until you're on this side of the blink... enjoy!

Gagdad Bob said...

Looks like Queeg is still off his rocker. Now he's banned Robert Spencer, of all people. He's well into Keith Olbermann territory.

Robin Starfish said...

Speaking of Keith, he finally got savagely sent up on SNL tonight the way he deserves. So savage it wasn't even funny; too close to the real deal. The clip was on youtube for about 10 minutes before being removed due to "copyright" issues. Note that there are plenty of real Olbermann clips there that don't attract NBC lawyers. So it's safe to assume who got it immediately axed even though he professed to like the skit, because he's "not Sarah Palin."

72 hours. Hail Caligula.

Gecko said...

Looks to me like poor Queeg needs a vacation. Them mind parasites, it gives 'em a chance to vacate. Robert Spencer, Gagdad - it gets more and more amazing.

austracoon said...

Deu 32:24 ...I will also send the teeth of beasts upon them, with the poison of serpents of the dust.

Aloysius said...
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Aloysius said...

Your son is your spitting image.

Sal said...

You know they have to grow up- but he looks like such a big boy! Kind of sad, in a good way.

Bubs, 2, had the same realization.
People are giving me candy! What a great place! I should just walk right in and make myself at home...

We did an animal theme this year: a flamingo, an elephant and a bumblebee.
The whole saga is up at my place.

Feel better, Bob!

leslie said...

Those pictures are so over the top cute! Thanks for mentioning them,