Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Coondog is here (eight week old black b-b-b... female Dane):


red said...

Awwww puppy dog! *melts into pile of goo*

I defy any troll to make rude comments under pictures of puppies. It Just Isn't Done.

jwm said...



Lisa said...

Cute pup! What's his name? Those paws sure do look big! I'm guessing his name won't be Tiny...Mazel tov!

jwm said...

That's a genuine Samoan Rumblehound! What do you feed...

oh never mind.



Gagdad Bob said...

I like the name Coondog, but maybe Tonga, since she's so.... other.... plus the big meaty paws....

jwm said...

All kidding aside. I like Tonga. Is he a Labrador?


Gagdad Bob said...

No, she's a Dane.

Gagdad Bob said...

By the way, the pictures don't do her justice -- she's gorgeous. More forthcoming. Sleep beckons.

Johan (cosmic swede) said...

Very very qute!
As I have heard, Coons and dogs are very good togheter :)

geckofeeder said...

Awww, Gagdad, she is a CoonDane - what a darling.

juliec said...

What a gorgeous coat! And those paws - when she's full grown, my two will look like little lap dogs by comparison :)
Good luck getting a full night's rest though...

wv: shhki - what you'll be saying every time she starts to cry.

Muzzie Cabbie said...

Unclean filthy beast. Repent, infidels . . .it will be so much better when the California Caliphate comes.

USS Ben said...

She's a great lookin' pup!

hoarhey said...

Is that Mac Guyver in the second shot?

ximeze said...

I'm so glad!!!!

Was hoping the SuperSecret was this.

Everyone in my family, bi or quadra-ped has any number of names. Ya don't have to settle for just one.

Like Coondog, Coondane & Tonga too. Try them on & see which fit.

Beaky's official name is Sweetie, but she's also Mrs. P (yes, for Parrot) Birdbird & Kissieface.

Simon the Cat is also
TC (for TroubleCat) & Trundlebutt (he put on a bit this past winter)

All of the humans have multiple names too: formal document name, shorted first name, nickname, name-when-in-trouble-name, etc.

Oddly, not one of us has a Middle Name.

Look forward to doggie storylines. I'll bet FL is in love already. Did they spend the night together?

fergus the cat said...

Dogs basically suck. They smell like wet cardboard and they drool. They have no sangfroid at all. And why can't they poop in litter boxes like God intended us to do?

Still, for a dog, that one seems OK. For a dog.

Good luck. You'll be needing it.

Susannah said...

The secret mission revealed! FL is a lucky boy! That is such a cute pup. I like all the names.

Sal said...

Precious puppy face!
You just want to squeeze her, yes, you do.
Who's the sweetest puppy in the world?
You are!

Lucky dog.

If Jack and Kyle deigned to talk to canines, they'd say 'welcome'.

robinstarfish said...

we dogs ruled the world
till cats snuck in the back door
but we will lick 'em!

MizzE said...

Awwww. Come to mama - kissy kissy kissy.

I'm not going to use this opportunity to retell my version of Genisis again, cause obviously
Mrs. G gnos it by heart.

Fausta said...

Puppy love, for sure!

Teri said...

The technical term for a female chicken is a hen. The technical term for a female dog is a bitch. Sometimes, by their behavior, you can tell why it is applied to human females ;)

Van said...

Now THAT's what is needed to have a truly worthwhile pizza streaking party.

I'll bet FL's doing the fullbodysmiles!