Sunday, February 05, 2006

Islam, the Liberal Media, and the Hard Bigotry of No Expectations

I'm taking the day off, so I'm letting Petey take control of the keyboard today. Oh sure, Petey likes to hide behind a facade of so-called spiritual detachment, but I can see that he's quite hopped up by this aptly named cartoon controversy, as it demonstrates the cartoonish and loony moonbat buffoonery of our out-of-tune goons living in their liberal media cocoon.


Here is the headline from the San Francisco Chronicle, taken from their website:


"American media outlets faced a dilemma Friday that underscored the sensitive nature of depicting Islam.

"Should they publish the satirical images that have offended millions of Muslims across the globe? Or should they censor themselves, denying a chance for readers and viewers to judge the cartoons for themselves?

"Most decided against reprinting the images."

Pathetic. Does this not underscore the vast difference between the politically correct--and therefore illiberal--MSM, and the free-thinking and truly liberal blogosphere? It is unimaginable that the MSM would ever refrain from offending any group upon which they have not contemptuously conferred victim status. But if you are one of their iconic victim groups, then it's hands off: blacks, feminists, homosexuals, Muslims. If the leaders of any of these groups were intellectually honest, they too would be offended by the media coddling and condescension. But they are not. Everybody knows that feminists are fragile little flowers that are easily offended--as in the Lawrence Tribe kerfuffle--and that you cannot just come out and confront them with uncomfortable truths. They might faint or go into hysterics.

Nor can you ever depict homosexuals in a negative light. If they are less healthy, more depressed, have shorter life-spans, and are more prone to suicide, it's our fault. And don't ever publicize the fact that children from intact black families with a mother and father do as well as their white counterparts. And religion is a stupid and pre-modern superstition for people too afraid to deal with reality, unless it's a third world or non-traditional religion. Then it's a venerable belief system worthy of our respect, even if we don't know what the hell its dopey adherents are talking about.

The article continues:

"As the news value of the cartoons increased, broadcasters and print publications had to decide whether their duty to inform the public would outweigh the potential for offending Muslims."

Why is that? What does one have to do with the other? Isn't the whole story about the fact that millions of religious idiots are offended by some silly cartoons? The issue is not whether or not they should publish satirical images. The real story is that millions of people in the world are so cognitively stunted that they don't even know what satire is. Nor irony, detachment, critical distance, and self-understanding, for that matter.

Now there's a story! "Islam Implicated in Middle East Failure to Launch: Millions Left Stupid."

This highlights another point: that the liberal victim is not really a victim, but an aggressor. Of course there are true victims, but officially sanctioned liberal victims use their victim status to generate real power in the world. Victims can say and do anything, and certainly do not shy away from throwing their weight around. They have real power and know it. And they are protected from consequences of using that power illegtimately, in ways that you or I could never be.

This is why liberal victims are always bullies. They don't have legitimate power or knowledge, only illegitimate power and knowledge. They can passive-aggressively end debate an a second by playing the victim card and knocking you over the head with it. Isn't this what these Muslim barbarians are doing, with the complicity of the MSM? Aren't they really just a bunch of pathetic losers immersed in a pseudo-religion that only deepens and justifies their moral, intellectual, spiritual and economic squalor? I think so. But if you point it out, you are the aggressor, so that any reaction on the part of the victim is given sanction.


"'CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons out of respect for Islam', the cable news giant announced Friday. CBS Evening News made a similar statement Thursday."

Yeah, right. In reality, CNN and CBS have chosen not to show the cartoons out of both cowardice and out of contempt for Islam, knowing full well that these are dysfunctional people whose feelings must be protected and given extraordinary deference, like a retarded person. These so-called journalists are cowards, bowing before the sacred icon that they have created. They worship at the altar of the Holy Victim, and thereby receive absolution for their sin, the sin of actually coming from a Judeo-Christian civilization that is superior in every way to anything Islam has ever created.

I wonder if the craven dolts at CNN even know about how other religions are regarded by Islam, how barbarously they are treated in Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia?

"'We always weigh the value of the journalistic impact against the impact that publication might have as far as insulting or hurting certain groups'," said Chronicle Vice President and Managing Editor Robert Rosenthal. 'In this case, we described the cartoons and felt that was sufficient'."

Oh yes. The Chronicle would never publish anything offensive to evangelical Christians or to conservatives.

"The Associated Press also declined to use the cartoons. And because AP distributes photographs, text and video used by other news outlets, its decision had a broad effect. Speaking by phone, AP executive editor Kathleen Carroll told The Chronicle, 'The cartoons didn't meet our long-held standards for not moving offensive content. The AP is not just an indiscriminate warehouse for information. We put a lot of care into what we put on the wire'."

How can that be? Oh sure, Gagdad Bob tries to hide behind a facade of so-called spiritual detachment, but I can see that he is offended every day by something printed by the AP. Have they ever once considered his feelings?

The liberal do-gooders of the MSM are enablers that create real monsters. For if you turn someone into a victim just to assuage your own guilty conscience, you deprive them of their humanity. They are no longer real human beings, just caricatures floating about in your liberal imagination. Freed of the burdensome expectations we have of civilized human beings, the victim's aggression is gloriously liberated. A bully has been created. A monster that has the instincts of an infant in the body of an adult.

But they are victims. Oh yes, they are victims of Western liberalism, of the hard bigotry of no expectations. Because with no expectations, they have no chance to become fully human.


Why do I even bother? Classic Steyn:

... If I had a sudden yen to burn the Yemeni or Sudanese flag on my village green, I haven't a clue how I'd get hold of one in this part of New Hampshire. Say what you like about the Islamic world, but they show tremendous initiative and energy and inventiveness, at least when it comes to threatening death to the infidels every 48 hours for one perceived offense or another. If only it could be channeled into, say, a small software company, what an economy they'd have.

... we should note that in the Western world "artists" "provoke" with the same numbing regularity as young Muslim men light up other countries' flags. When Tony-winning author Terence McNally writes a Broadway play in which Jesus has gay sex with Judas, the New York Times and Co. rush to garland him with praise for how "brave" and "challenging" he is. The rule for "brave" "transgressive" "artists" is a simple one: If you're going to be provocative, it's best to do it with people who can't be provoked.

Thus, NBC is celebrating Easter this year with a special edition of the gay sitcom "Will & Grace," in which a Christian conservative cooking-show host, played by the popular singing slattern Britney Spears, offers seasonal recipes -- "Cruci-fixin's." On the other hand, the same network, in its coverage of the global riots over the Danish cartoons, has declined to show any of the offending artwork out of "respect" for the Muslim faith.

Which means out of respect for their ability to locate the executive vice president's home in the suburbs and firebomb his garage.


jwm said...

Great post! Feel the heat from Petey!

Consider the way the AP and others so gleefully published the images from the Abu Gahraib incident. How worried were they about offending the men and women of the military, costing American lives, damaging a war effort, or providing propaganda for the islamists?

Consider the overwhelming silence over the riots in France last summer.

Consider that there is no mention of the cartoon riots on the front page of the LA Slimes this morning, but Betty Freidan, buffalo hunters, and a prison riot rated huge space. Oh and there's a new magazine out, or something. All stuff that we really need to know about.

My disgust-o-meter is redlined.


R. Sherman said...

Another homerun, Bob, er, I mean Petey. As a side note, my spouse brought home an art text for public secondary education. It suggests making African "Spirit Masks" which are hung above a bed, keeping evil spirits at bay. The spouse wondered whether asking students to fashion a crucifix for the same purpose would would have the same elite imprimatur.


lmg said...

"The real story is that millions of people in the world are so cognitively stunted that they don't even know what satire is. Nor irony, detachment, critical distance, and self-understanding, for that matter."

Irony is what you do to satire to get the wrinkles out. Something like that.

Gagdad Bob said...

No, I think it's to get the rankles out.

Anonymous said...

Has any of us ever seen anything from the 1 billion Muslims mocking any of the prophet. Either it may be Moses, Gesus Christ or even Ibrahm or Jacob. Christian brothers have forgotton the ways and manners of respect even to their beloved Christ and feel proud and brave while attacking even Christ. Islam is true religion that teaches to respect all prophets that is why you would not find anything insulting to any prophet. Islam teaches its followers to respect prophet Muhammad PBUH the most and not to draw pictures of any of the prophets. How can the tolerate their most holy figure to be depicted in cartoons and moreover as a terrorist.

Gagdad Bob said...

Hmmm. I thought in Islam there is no separation of church & hate.

who, me? said...

I do think anonymous has a point, in that one of the flaws of the po-modern world is being oblivious, even allergic to, the inner state of reverence or decorous gravity toward matters of the spirit. However, there it is. To quote someone I revere, "When I am at war with reality, I lose. But only always." Blowing up, or threatening to blow up creation until it complies with my standards, now that's a futile war.

I originally signed on to josh that Petey enjoys certain immunities compared to the rest of us, being discarnate and all. Though his typing capacity may be hostage to Gagdad's continued health and integrity, which we all support and hope continues many, many years...

Anonymous said...


Cartoons called offense to Islam

Items compiled from Chicago Tribune news services
Published February 5, 2006

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Bush administration on Friday denounced as "offensive" several cartoons published in European newspapers satirizing the Prophet Muhammad that in recent days sparked protests and violence from Europe to the Middle East to Asia.

"We find them offensive, and we certainly understand why Muslims would find these images offensive," said Sean McCormack of the State Department.

The cartoons, first published in a Danish newspaper, depict Muhammad as, among other things, a terrorist with a bomb in his turban. Muslims consider depictions of Muhammad to be blasphemous.

Some European newspapers have reacted to criticism from Muslims by reprinting the images, a move the State Department also criticized.

McCormack said such images are as offensive as anti-Semitic or anti-Christian images.

larwyn said...

Subj: Fighting FREE SPEECH w/FREE SPEECH - al la KOS KIDS!

American Thinker linked to this - I think it is great that some of them are
realizing - and now want to fight

"free speech with free speech".

They don't seem to have the hang of it - probably reading Kos and Atrios
and Rall and Tooles
for guidance!


Dutch Islamists post cartoons depicting Anne Frank, Hitler in bed

By News Agencies

A Belgian-Dutch Islamic political organization posted anti-Jewish cartoons on its Web site in response to the cartoons of the prophet Mohammed that appeared in Danish papers last year and offended many

The cartoons were posted on the Arab European League's site on Saturday. It was not working Sunday morning because of exceeded bandwidth.

The Islamic site carried a disclaimer saying the images were being shown as part of an exercise in free speech rather than to endorse their content - just as European newspapers have reprinted the Danish cartoons.

One of the AEL cartoons displayed an image of Dutch Holocaust victim Anne Frank in bed with Adolf Hitler, and another questioned whether the
Holocaust actually occurred.

Click here: title

Kudos to Petey! He says what
we are thinking.

LiquidLifeHacker said...

Hey... anonymous that says,"Islam teaches its followers to respect prophet Muhammad"

Islam also teaches to kill the nonbelievers does it not? Maybe you should ask yourself how everyone was "forced" back then to respect muhammed...because all these muslims that are acting all violent now in response are doing as just as Muhammed did. Haven't you ever heard of Asma bint Marwan or Uqba bin Abu Muayt?

Read it HERE

Anonymous said...

That was right on target.

I think the MSM are just making themselves more and more irrelevant. Thank God for the internet. I don't even watch news on TV anymore, except for a few minutes of Fox in the morning while I'm getting ready for work - and sometimes I can't even stand that - when they are giving some liberal commentator a soap box to spout retardedness - in which case I change the channel to some old movie or something.

newsgatherer said...

yes, yes all the news you need in the conservative blogosphere. Unbiased,independent, not vetted or fact checked, and with reporters on the scene around the world. Particulary independent and creative when they cut and paste from conservative commentators in the msm.

but fox is the last refuge of objectivity

totally agree

me too